I Am A Missionary

I am a missionary.

If I say that in most common settings it would people would imagine a person who lived in a culture other than their own, speaking a language other than their own and living at a level of luxury far below his or her peers back home.

However, I am a missionary and none of that applies to me.  I am a human on a mission.  Some days I am a good missionary.  Some days I am a weak missionary. But every day I have a mission.

That mission is to reconcile, or bring together, God and humans.  As a reconciled person myself I am now part of a larger process of life – to assist others in understanding the link between our creation and our destiny.  We were created to be in a love relationship with God and, as his premier creation, to partner with him for the greater good of all.  Our destiny is to reign, or to live in oneness with God in love, in peace, in security.  It is life!  We have purpose, live in peace, pursue promise.

So, my mission is to reveal the personality and nature of God in every human interaction I have. Why?  To create an intrigue for inspection.  When I am inspected I want my story, my personality and my presence to witness to the fact that Jesus Christ is the locus of my life. He is the place and person in which I find myself. His story has been the reason I am redeemed