The Living Dead

I have known them. Who? People that were fully alive. They oozed life. They were smart, funny, intuitive, genuine, spirit-filled, wise, generous, open, accepting, forgiving, and attractive to all.

I have also known these – the dead. Those who are gone, remembered, adored, loved, missed, storied, honored, revered and ours.

Then there are the living dead. Those living but suppressed, lonely, unsure, unconvinced, halted, forfeited, wrong, missed, unknown, pushed away, taken advantage of, hopeless, sorrowful and just clueless about what to do or if to do.

The first position is advantageous.

The second position is due all of us.

The third position… well, that is debatable. This is why there is an entire industry afloat of self-help gurus, supposed secrets, “spiritual” principles, inspiring stories and subliminal tapes available to you, me and the world. In the end, though, it is simply a decision that turns death to life for the masses huddled in this place of mediocre experience and unfulfilled expectations.

So, if it is so easy why aren’t more people making it?

One reason – we have made decisions before and they haven’t worked out. Some of our decisions were okay. Some of our decisions are decent. Some of our decisions are horrible. Some of our decisions are stupid. Some of our decisions are pitiful. So, why make another one if we have no clear track record of success and forward motion?

A great percentage of humans are self-labeled by interior language that screams at us that we are NOT enough – we do not know enough, have not experienced enough, never learned enough, have not acquired enough, and we are not quite as good as that woman or man over there, across from us. So, we do not enjoy life even if we do enjoy moments.

What strings enjoyable moments into an enjoyable life?  What accumulates in our emotional bank accounts to create reserves and eliminates deficits?  What is within our purview to manage if we, like everyone else, are unable to control those things outside of us?  What, or maybe the better question is, who can I control?

That answer is myself. I choose life! The ancient texts of Scripture offers me that choice. When I read it, I immediately wonder about it, but I choose to trust the offer is real. And, then I see there is a perk.  Look and see with me…

Today I ask heaven and earth to be witnesses. I am offering you life or death, blessings or curses. Now, choose life! Then you and your children may live.

I am glad that I have that choice.  It means that I have to endure, or is it enjoy, a transitional move from the deficit mentality – “I am doomed and things never work out, no matter what I hope” to an abundance mentality.  But when I do that, it does not only affect and impact my life, but look…. My children live!  My emotional DNA, no matter what season I am in (I have adult children and young grandchildren), has a trickle down effect.  Yeah, baby!  I like that!  So, I choose life.

But not choosing life does not mean you do not choose. We all choose. Indecision is a choice and if we do not choose life we choose death – separation from life. We can be dead even when our cardiac system has rhythm and our pulmonary system has breath.. In not choosing life we have made a decision. How cruel is that? Our very decision to not make a decision decides we will stay in limbo, stuck, dead to life and dreams.

What is a reason to decide not to decide? When we doubt our decision, the outcome of our decision or have a self-described history of bad decisions, we may shrink because we do not want to be disappointed. But consider this, choosing disappointment intentionally to avoid possible disappointment if things do not go right, is sort of self-defeating.  I would rather choose a 1% chance of goodness than a 0% chance.

So, let me share a prayer with you and I invite you to use it today and in the days to come.  Heck, use it everyday!

“Hey, Life, it’s me. I am hanging with you today. You are my chosen friend and I am going to enjoy you enjoying me. God said you were open to me and I trust him, so here I am. Let’s dance like no one is watching…well, except my kids. I want them to see this dance and join us. Amen.”

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